The more severe the drought and global imbalance the more that it reflects the multiple effects of human influence has on the biosphere as the deviation of rivers with dams, mining and clear cut logging these facts are making change is exceptionally urgent and we need a radical shift towards a wiser management of waters forest and  an overwhelming need to reestablish balance!




It is our right and duty to do all that is in our power! To subtract the property from the available lands to log and prevent those who are going to designate it for mere commercial purpose to no longer have control of such a great responsibility.  Call anytime to discuss your donation to the projects.




So, not having a million dollar check in our pocket made us think that unification of resources of people, with this co-op it would be an effective way to protect these lands All of us together have more resources than any company ready to make a short sighted profit off of our sacred, common, precious life sources that we call our Forests.

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image12 has designed this new mentality to be operated at low cost and in a manner which complements the local environmental and topographical benefits. The cost of this park will be absorbed in its first year of donations. The Eco-park is a low cost conservation solution and a complement to any community or business.  Each park will be dedicated to its investors by name.   Call anytime to discuss your donation to the projects.



 The land is 2020 acres located 140 miles north of San Francisco in the heart of the Redwood Empire.  The advertisement for the sale said “this property is one of the only large blocks of prime redwood timberland available on the north coast. There is an estimated value of 20 million board feet of well stocked redwood and fir timber on the property based on an inventory cruise.” The location of the land is a strategic environmental location.  The concern beyond the forest is the hydrology in this territory. It is in fact the Noyo headwater; this is the river drainage system along with the redwood creek tributary that contains many natural springs that filter drinking water and feed the entire forest and in turn each of us.   -Preservation of forest is a 100% green future!

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 We were looking for a space to designate to a Perma-Culture and organic agriculture project.  When we found something else, a place that was perfect exactly as it was, we fast realized that keeping that place protected from any type of exploitation was actually a job, an enormous job, a job of   a million people. 7 million dollars is the price they gave to the area they labeled a “tree farm”. A collective project seemed the only way to save it. The project was inspired form the experience of the Italian ‘no tav’ movement and their collective acquisition of land, in defense of the Susa valley, at the border between France and Italy; with this influence we decided  to create