Thank you for your time and interest; it will be great to work with you and your firm.  We at dontletthemlogit.com are trying to save 2020 Acres from being logged.  Instead of trying to protest or battle with local zoning and government red tape I wish to try a new approach.  I am simply asking you to help by preventing the land from ever being disturbed again. By creating the Earth Family Trust, we hope to procure as many private lands as possible to be visited and protected by you. By donating your dollar you can preserve one tree…but what if you do a dollar a week or a dollar a day for a year?  It’s not a lot of money but the exponential fact is overwhelming!




As a family owned and operated business, dontletthemlogit.com is committed to the highest ethical standard and wishes a clean future for our children.  We propose dontletthemlogit.com Eco-parks, which will generate negative carbon-footprint and conserve forest resources locally without expensive future costs for replenishment If we don’t log it and preserve it there will be abundance for the ever. With this innovative mentality we can change our future!.




Dontletthemlogit.com Eco-parks will generate a localized mentality. By combining small investments with the exponential power of the American Co-operation, we can protect and create public/private land reserves and transfer ownership to the individual efficiently. Dontletthemlogit.com will prevent the distribution of natural resource in irresponsible wasteful mannerisms.  Also, all rehabilitating costs will be absorbed by your generosity—preservation of forest is a 100% green future!